Their  Astute Disposition, Solid Conformation,

 & Exceptional Markings that stay true to the 

Queensland Heelers Breed Standard, as well 

as their superb Working ability, are just some of the most 

sought after traits our dogs possess and continue 

to  pass on to their Puppies.



Our Queensland Heelers and their puppies

 are exposed daily to the sights, sounds and smells  of

 Horses, Cattle, Chickens, Cats and People. To find out

 more, visit our ABOUT US page.


Alice typically has a litter of 6 puppies. 

Since both Alice & Rex are Red Tri-Color, 

we get puppies with colors ranging  from Pure Reds, 

Red Tri-Colors, and Blues both with & without Ginger points.

 Take a look at the photo’s from her Past Litters, you will find

 that the puppies have Exquisite markings!


We sincerely apologize to everybody that was counting on a

 puppy from the last litter, but, if you were on the list, you will remain 

on the list for the next litter also. 


We currently have a contact list of people waiting for puppies.

 After the litter arrives and we can tell what colors they are going

 to be, we will contact those interested on the list and notify

 them of the color/gender combinations that will be available.  

Tails  will be docked between 1 to 2 weeks of age.  



           Due to the developmental and social advantages, we insist the puppies 

stay with the mother for the FULL 8 WEEKS.


 We have found that by keeping the puppies with the 

mother for 8-10 weeks, they are far more advanced in 

their socialization and obedience. 


    All puppies will receive their complete first set of puppy shots,

 de-worming and will be Vet checked.  Each puppy will be sent

 home with a ‘Puppy Pack’ and  photos will be taken of the

     New Owner and their puppy to be posted on the

 Customer Page of our website.  






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